Turned-on music to shake your hips & pluck your heartstrings… DC Fontana are on  a mission and release a mesmerising new six-track mini album ‘Pentagram Man‘ this autumn.

The British band is maintaining a steady rise to prominence and recently introduced new vocalist Louise Turner who joins founding member, songwriter & bass player Mark Mortimer, drummer Nigel Horton and multi-instrumentalist Scott Riley -who once played with Spectrum, the psychedelic off-shoot of Spacemen 3.

With producer Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope, Prolapse, Salad, Cud etc) at the helm the DCs delivered their début album, the corking kitchen-sink drama ’Six Against Eight‘ after camping inside the famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool where they had been invited to record by legendary Echo & The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant who follows the group.

Here they came up with a fascinating collection of mesmerising tunes: a sonic stew of eclectic ingredients. The first album & the follow up ‘Meshkalina EP‘ have been critically acclaimed for their utterly groovy & varied sound, steeped in amazing musicianship & compelling studio production – music, which sounds just as good as the old & as forward thinking as the new.

The group’s record releases combine with allegorical short films and videos to prove that DC Fontana are more than just fine songwriters, singers & musicians.

DC Fontana are excitingly unpredictable int he studio & on stage where they’ve honed an impressive live reputation across Europe.

Their most recent release ‘La Contessa‘ was a chic collection of tunes mostly sung in French and Italian released on the group’s own DCTone label and Italian imprint Teen Sound.

Mortimer commented: “There are no boundaries, no hang-ups or hoodoos for us…. it’s lovely to write and record in a number of different directions and we’ve always felt the freshness and inspiration that can be drawn from having a consciously eclectic open mind.”

Donald Ross Skinner’s production is to die for. Christan Badzura contributes some amazing string arrangements, performed by The Liverpool Session Orchestra, old acid folkies Brandywine Bridge add a dash of Gryphon/Circulus mediaeval cheer to the proceedings on ‘Les Fantômes du Père Lachaise‘ while Indian musicians from Birmingham (including the world renowned Surinder Sandhu) bring some exotic Asiatic flavours to the table.

Utterly well played and sung, unpredictable and as good as the music that inspired them, DC Fontana are forever moving forwards….

The evolution continues with new singer Louise Turner who arrived after singing on the Mercury Prize-winning & platinum-selling Elbow album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ & -as a side project- the band has also hooked up with British blue-eyed soul legend Don Fardon to tour with.

Fardon & DC Fontana headlined the prestigious Euro YeYe festival in Gijón, Spain in August 2012 in front of a huge crowd and more dates will follow in and around the DCs’ own gigs and recordings.

The new ‘Pentagram Man’ record features the ultra-catchy title track & rousing ‘DevilAngel‘ alongside the acid-folk beauty of ‘What Would It Take?‘, an eight-minute ambient trip-athon called ‘Sighed DC‘ and a lovely lazy acoustic jazz reworking of the group’s live favourite ‘Satisfied‘ together with a Spanish version of the title tune (‘Hombre Pentagrama‘) sung by Miri May.

The group have just completed filming three brand new promo videos to help illustrate the new record and have massed together an impressive arsenal of brand new songs to fire up the next album.

Blending ingredients from psychedelia, jazz, R&B & folk, DC Fontana are as urban as Harry Palmer & as pagan & hallucinatory as Lord Summerisle…..